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Dana Kim

  • M.S. Program (1st semester)

  • Research Interest: ADC & Sensor

  • Contact: danakim (at)


Seoul National University of Science and Technology

B.S. in Electronic and Information Engineering (2023.02)

M.S. Candidate in Electronic Engineering (2023.02~)


Domestic conference

- "Implementation of low-cost linear CMOS temperature sensor for biomedical application"

D. Kim, H. Yoo, J.-W. Nam

Summer annual conference of IEIE, Jeju, Jun. 2022.

International conference

- "Analysis of silicon photodiodes"

D. Kim, J.-W.Nam
International Conference on Electronics Information and Communication (ICEIC), Singapore, Feb. 2023.

International journal

- "High-speed light detection sensor for hardware security in standard CMOS technology"

D. Kim, J.-P. Hong, J. Lee and J.-W. Nam
IEEE Trans.
Circuits Syst. II, Exp. Briefs, Jun. 2023. (accepted).

Hornors and Awards

Research Log


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