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Jin-Won Hyun

  • M.S. Program (1st Semester)

  • Research Interest: Clock Generator

                                     Data Converter

                                     Analog/Mixed signal Design Automation

  • Contact: hjw6004 (at)


Seoul National University of Science and Technology

B.S. in Electronic and Information Engineering (2023.02)

M.S. Candidate in Electronic Engineering (2023.02~)


Domestic conference

-"인공신경망을 이용한 부트스트랩 S/H 설계 최적화"

 H. Yoo, J.-W. Hyun, J.-W. Nam

the 5th ISE Conf., Seoul, Dec. 2022.

-“Study on Jitter Analysis and Reduction Methods in DLL”

Jin-Won Hyun, Jae-Yoon Kim, Seung-Jae Kim and Jae-Won Nam

Autumn Annual Conference of IEIE, Nov. 2022.

"Study on Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis"

Jae-Yun Park, Su-Hyeon Kim, Seongyul Kim, Jin-Won Hyun, Yeon-Su Kim, and Jae-Won Nam
22nd RF/Analog Circuit Workshop, Sep. 2022.

International conference

-"Regression Model-based VCO Design Optimization Technique"

 Jin-Won Hyun, Jae-Won Nam

International Conference on Electronics Information and Communication (ICEIC), Singapore, Feb. 2023.

International journal

Honors and Awards

- Magna Cum Laude (2023.02.16.)

Research Log

- Design automation

- CMOS image sensor (CIS) timing controller



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